Month: October 2016

Tea length wedding dress

As time goes by, there is more and more variety of wedding dress as following the trend. Wedding dress designers are more creative with their unique creations of dresses.


If you use the garden party theme or casual themes, you can choose tea length wedding dress.

What is Tea Length Wedding Dresses?

Tea length wedding dresses are using a lot of seams and above the ankle length, not like long dresses that touch the feet. In addition, there is tea length dresses that about calf length.

Tea length wedding dresses are designed for a casual and not too formal. With this wedding dress, you who have the modern soul and would look more sexy, fresh, relaxed and cheerful because of its design and comfortable to wear.


Besides for wedding dress, Tea Length dress is also suitable to be used just for parties, dance parties, and social events. Tea length dress is using chiffon and taffeta main ingredient. Tea length dress price does not fall into the category of “very expensive”. It depends on the model and fabric.

Tea length wedding dress is different from others because the model is simple, the price is likely to be cheaper than other wedding dresses, as well as more flexible for use in any event.

Tea length wedding dress really highlights the beauty of the bride. The dress showed off the beauty of the instrumental parts of the wearer’s foot. Tea-length Wedding dresses are also easy to re-flatten your liking.


Neck gown was designed with a lot of styles. For those of you who want to show off your beautiful neck, you can design neck with V-neck models. Lace is applied in some parts also will beautify this gown. As usual, the color for the dress adjusts to the place and theme.

For outdoor parties, you can use bright colors that brighten the atmosphere. As for the party in the room, you can choose the color to be soft, graceful, or pastel colors. This tea length dress is perfect worn in any setting.