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How to Choose a Wedding Venue

There are many things associated with deciding a venue as it will play the most vital role in your wedding.
Follow this checklist and you can find your ideal wedding venue :

Guest List

First, think about the number of people you want to invite to the wedding. If you’re having a small, intimate gathering, a backyard wedding, or a ceremony by the local lake could be fitting.
For a larger wedding, look into one of the largest churches in your city, or consider an upscale hotel or convention center to accommodate all your friends and family.

Decide Budget

You’ll also need to know how to choose wedding venue options based on the cost of the entire wedding and reception. If you know you want an elaborate dress or upscale food for the reception, an outdoor wedding, or a ceremony at a friend or family member’s home may be ideal.

When choosing the perfect photographer for your perfect destination wedding, it is important to play smart and get the best packages, for instance, if you are planning an Indian wedding in Dubai, getting a local Indian wedding photographer in Dubai would save you money rather than flying someone from your own country, same goes for cinematic wedding films, go through some of the local cinematographer portfolios, evaluate their costs and hire someone that matches your taste.

This way, you can have the wedding you want without spending a fortune. If the wedding decor is a huge priority for you, choose a space that is a “blank canvas” so you can customize the venue to showcase the colors and items that mean the most to you on your wedding day.

Take all your preferences into account when making the final decisions about your wedding venue as well. If you’re having a spring or summer wedding, a ceremony at a botanical garden can make for beautiful pictures, and you could even save on floral decor because the venue will be naturally decorated.


Famous or Peaceful Venue

If you’d like to have the wedding in a place that will also provide lodging for your loved ones who are traveling from out of town, a boutique hotel or bed and breakfast makes for a creative wedding space.

No matter what your preferences and dreams are for your big day, be sure to book the wedding venue as soon as you can. This can help you save money (it is usually more expensive to book at the last minute), and allows you to check one more thing off your list as you’re completing the wedding planning process.

Visit Several Times

Be sure to visit the venue several times before the wedding as well, so you’ll know where the decorations will be placed and where the wedding party will stand. The more familiar you are with space, the more at ease you’ll feel when it’s time to walk down the aisle and exchange vows with the love of your life.

You’re undoubtedly excited about your wedding. Since you’re in planning mode, one of the things you’re likely most concerned about is how to choose wedding venue selections that can make your special day especially memorable. Before you search around the city for the perfect place to exchange vows, here are a few things to consider.

How to Get Wedding Photo?

To get the perfect click of that long-awaited precious moment called a wedding, you need more than a usual photography.


The moments that are going to be cherished by many especially the couple, have sentimental appeal attached to it. The problem aggravates when the photograph of the particular special moment does not reflect the quality and value associated with it.

The real-time wedding -photography does not give you time to retake you might have in some other kind of photography-situations. Along with quality equipment and skill, there are few more important factors that determine the output of the camera. A thoughtful and creative cameraman can make that all the difference and stunning wedding photographs.

Here are few guidelines:


Get Natural Photographs

This is very useful and comes handy, Ask the cameraman to shoot some natural moment without your knowledge of being photographed. It is not easy being photographed and pose naturally. It a feeling spends some quality time alone.

Every Detail is to be captured

Ask your photographer to not to miss any detail of the occasion that might be a memory for you, so ask him to plan the shoots beforehand and to be ready to alter if there happens to be a change.


Shoot in Motion



Focus on shooting what is in motion. The landscapes and other scenic beauty are best to be shot before the actual ceremony as you get all the decorations in good shape.


Envolve everyone

People and kids are all invited and they are there for a reason. Don’t miss any of them. Ask your photographer to know who is who and to get them all captured in his camera.



How would you like it to be photographed? Answer this question honestly and tell exactly the same to cameraman so that he won’t be missing anything you could otherwise.

With these tips, you’re all set… get your perfect wedding shots!